La Reverie Group business focuses on manufacturing and research in the area of latest synthetic technology, fine chemical products, impurity reference standards and of course intermediate of API. We cater majorly to the pharma impurities and we have synthesised many impurities with the help of our strong R&D team. Also, we provide the customized development of the impurities according to the client’s requirements.


We also cater to the clients by the means of “New Chemical Entity” development, analytics and bulk, large scale supply. We can also manufacture various diversified items based on the contract and requirement.

Why choose Us?

At La Reverie Group, we focus majorly on the quality delivery to the customers. We are having a team of highly skilled and experienced R&D chemists, who dedicatedly work to serve our clients. Our team ensures the proper implementation of the process, development of the processes and maximum scale up utilization of the pilot plant. Our team ensures to develop the cost effective, reliable, accurate and safe processes.


Along with our expertise team, we are having an excellent infrastructure which supports our activities. We are having various latest equipments to carry out the high qualitative research. We are also supported with different testing facilities, too.


Our Proficiencies

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We ensure to satisfy the requirements of our clients. We help the clients to develop the comprehensive portfolios of various products, provide custom synthesis and also provide special contract manufacturing expertise with the help of project management.

  • Total Quality Management

    We the team of, The La Reverie Group, focuses on the concept of “Total Quality Management”. We adhere to the rules and regulations of the national and international standards and we treat the quality as the most important attribute in the entire process. The quality assurance department ensures to keep a constant eye on the various processes such as manufacturing, development, warehousing, production, distribution etc. activities are concerned.